Artist Rumy

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Have you ever seen or feel the time?

Then tell me – how it’s look like? Or what’s the color of time? I don’t know. But I think, some time we try to hold or alive the time by alternative way. Maybe my art works are this kind of way only. Probably it crates some new myths what try to build some experience, trust or new idea for alien future. Every time I think what I do? This method helps me to create some authentic creation. Here media does not a fact. What I need I use it? I want to live with creation or art.

For this many things look like art to me. As for example is a Bottle of Water. Or when I teach in my university then I feel the whole class room is look like a canvas and all students like some forms and their behavior or curiosity like different colors to me. When I finish my class successfully, then I feel I complete a beautiful painting.


I feel  – “I” is a mysterious end or end of the endless mystery.  


Maybe these kinds of concepts are not logical. But I strongly believe that – “The notion of irrational is what sets the neo-rational.



____ Roknuzzaman Rumy